How to Program Your Fingers

Usually people first fall in love with the tone of the saxophone, and then the desire to play quickly and accurately increases. Last post we discussed a practice method that helps improve your tone. This post we’ll share how to program your fingers so you can play with consistency and gain confidence.

The Joy of Scales

Think of something that you do, that maybe you don’t like, but you know is good for you. This may include things such as exercising, eating vegetables, going to work, etc. Over time, you may begin to…

How to Master Tricky Fingerings

Check out our process for learning the notes on the saxophone (in our free lessons) as well as a 4 step process for mastering tricky saxophone fingerings. You’ll not only learn what they are, but you’ll learn exercises to make these combinations much easier. You’ll gain more confidence and develop a mature style of playing.

Quiet Practice Sessions

Have you ever cancelled a practice session because you didn’t want to disturb someone? This could include neighbors or family members. Or, maybe you’re on the road and you wish you could practice in your hotel room. What if you could practice so quietly…

4 Tricks for Fast Fingers

Bonus Tricks In the past I shared two tips to help you speed up your fingers. You can click here to see that post (they are my top 2 suggestions). A lot of students enjoyed that post, so here are 4 more tricks to help you play faster! Check This Out! Fast Fingers Did you notice, even at a fast …