The Mouthpiece Pad

When it comes to saxophone accessories, there’s a huge list of different items that are available to make the saxophone sound better, work better, and last longer. It’s actually kind of fun to look through all the items that are available and to see what people and companies have come up with to make improvements. Did you know there are …

Reed Alignment

Have you ever asked any of the following questions: How can I get a better tone? Why does my reed seem fine some days, but it feels like a fight on other days? Why do I squeak so much? Why does my tone sound fuzzy? Why do I feel so much resistance?

Equipment Recommendations Part 7

Should we just toughen up and not complain about having an uncomfortable neck strap? We’ve been doing it for years as a saxophone community, why change now? We believe it’s time to move on. Get our harness recommendations, and this “important” question to ask your doctor. It will put everything into perspective!