The Saxophone & Isolation

Many of us throughout the world are home, in isolation, because of COVID-19. It’s definitely an uncertain time and is something that we’ve never experienced before. This is a serious time in our history, and one that we will never forget, for more than one reason. How will you remember this time, once it has past?

7 Steps to Faster Articulation

The last few posts have provided basic exercises to get started with articulation. The first was articulating in time with the metronome, and the second was following this pattern with the addition of “tah” and “dah”. The latter allowed a change of style in the articulation. In this post we’re going to work on speed. The Workout Analogy Yes, I’m …

Adjustable Articulation

In last week’s post we discussed how the tongue is a muscle and how we can strengthen that muscle, in a way that will benefit articulation. We provided a pattern that will get things moving in the right direction. That exercise will not only help you feel more comfortable with articulation, but you’ll sound better and you’ll get faster. Once …

3 Steps for Reading Music

Share this Post Learning to play the saxophone can be both intimidating and exciting. One of the biggest concerns beginning students have is learning how to read music. Luckily, this is not as difficult as you would think. When a student goes through properly organized lessons, the ability to read music is almost an automatic result of going through the …

Improve Your Tone in 5 Minutes

Did you know you can improve your tone in as little as 5 minutes? Statements like this sound too good to be true, but this one practice approach will get notes to respond easier and have a better tone. 5 Minutes a day is all it takes.