Amateurs, Pros, and Superstar Sax Players

As you read the title of this post, which category would you place yourself? I’m sure most people reading this post would fit under the Amateur title, as our lessons are designed for people learning to play the saxophone. However, where are you going with the saxophone? Are you limiting yourself to Amateur? Do you think you can become a …

Playing With Style

Style can be tricky to apply to our playing, especially if we don’t have a private teacher. Even if we have a teacher it can be difficult. Good news though! Your brain has been collecting “style data” for many years so you can play with style. Learn what your brain has been storing and this 1 secret that even helped Mozart become a better musician.

Saxophone Circular Breathing

Would you like to play a note for 1 minute without taking a breath? How about 5 minutes? How about 45 minutes? Learn this one technique that can keep your tone going even when you take a breath!

The Saxophone Chose Me…Kind Of – Part 3

Part 3 As I mentioned in the last post, the beginning of my musical life (as a music major) was a challenge. In fact, at times I felt I was going to fail. But for the first time, I had all the direction I needed to excel. This idea brought a lot of hope to me. Why? Because the only …