Improve Your Tone in 5 Minutes

Did you know you can improve your tone in as little as 5 minutes? Statements like this sound too good to be true, but this one practice approach will get notes to respond easier and have a better tone. 5 Minutes a day is all it takes.

Improve Your Tone, Now!

It’s been nearly two years since our last blog post, and I wanted to choose a topic that would make significant impact on the beginning saxophone player. To kick us off, I have chosen something that will help any beginner progress faster. However,

Mouthpiece Placement

How much mouthpiece (mp) should you take in while playing? This is a great question and the results will not only help you obtain the right sound, but notes will respond better, they’ll be easier to play, and your saxophone will be easier to play in tune. The Ideal Amount From the free lessons and other places on the internet, …

Reed Alignment

Have you ever asked any of the following questions: How can I get a better tone? Why does my reed seem fine some days, but it feels like a fight on other days? Why do I squeak so much? Why does my tone sound fuzzy? Why do I feel so much resistance?