Crystal Clear Articulation

There’s a rumor that circulates around the music world, which is false. I don’t know who started this rumor, but they did a great job, because this one won’t go away. Ready for it? Here it is: You have it, or you don’t.Anonymous When it comes to playing a musical instrument, some people think you have what it takes, or …

The Truth About Articulation

You’ll notice there’s an image at the top of this post that hints of a good story. Part of this post is a story, which I hope you’ll find revealing and interesting. However, the point of the story is to help you learn a little more about me and my saxophone journey as well as the importance of one saxophone …

Speed, Tone, Time, Fingers, Articulation, and Consistency

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of a practice session, we can build on that foundation. In this post, you get to make your voice known by expressing your opinion on what you’d like to learn next. Check out our list of recommendations and choose what you’d like to do!

6 Step for Learning Music by Ear

Sometimes a musician will learn a song by ear, rather than written music. This is impressive and it’s a skill that anyone can learn. Check out this post and you’ll be playing by ear, soon!

3 Steps for Reading Music

Share this Post Learning to play the saxophone can be both intimidating and exciting. One of the biggest concerns beginning students have is learning how to read music. Luckily, this is not as difficult as you would think. When a student goes through properly organized lessons, the ability to read music is almost an automatic result of going through the …