2 Tips To Fix Anything

Do you have any of these problems when you play the saxophone?

  • Notes won’t come out
  • Your saxophone is squeaking- Let’s blame it on the saxophone 🙂
  • Don’t remember all the notes you’ve learned?
  • Trouble reading music
  • Can’t keep time, with or without the metronome

How can we possibly fix these problems? I want you to know that this can be done. Here is what I share with my students:

If you can’t do something very well on the saxophone, we can fix it.

Just think, you have the ability to improve every part of your playing! Here’s how.

2 Tips To Fix Any Part of Your Playing

Tip #1- Be Consistent with Your Practicing

Only have 10 minutes a day to practice? Take that 10 minutes and practice 5-7 days a week. You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you improve.  If you add more minutes to your daily practice, the progress will happen faster!

Tip #2- Get Proper Direction

If you are fully committed to step 1, you will make the progress you want by getting the right direction. In other words, take lessons from the right person. Here is a good check list when looking for a teacher.

Online Beginner Saxophone Lessons

Check out their musical background. Ask them to play for you.

Online Beginner Saxophone Lessons

If their is a healthy respect for each other, a positive atmosphere will result. This will accelerate your learning.

Online Beginner Saxophone Lessons

Is there a detailed weekly plan or assignment? After a lesson you should know exactly what you need to do. Some of these items should include: scales, arpeggios, a method book, a piece of music (song), and something you really want to play.

Online Beginner Saxophone Lessons

Can you contact them anytime to ask for help? Questions come up, and it’s really helpful to have someone you can count on.

Online Beginner Saxophone Lessons

Do they help you succeed and motivate you?

Online Beginner Saxophone Lessons

If you know how to practice correctly, you will get the following results:

  1. Play passages 9 out of 10 times correctly.
  2. Learn all your major scales in a short period of time (by memory).
  3. Solve any issues you may have with tone,articulation, fingers, rhythm, counting, etc.
  4. You don’t get bored.
  5. You feel like every time you sit down to practice you are getting better.

Never settle. Find the teacher that is right for you.

Question -What do you look for in a music teacher? Go ahead and use the comment section below to answer. If the comment box is not visible, click here.

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Have fun playing!

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  1. Hi this is david I’ve been playing for 4yrs now and I see myself getting better. But not as fast as I think I should be. I’m practicing about 2hr a day every day. Sometimes I don’t know what to practice. And how long to practice one thing. I’ve found in the pass the teachers I’ve had tought music as a business and it shows. I’m hungry to learn and I need the teacher be the same and I haven’t found that yet, so I just keep learning from online instructors and youtube video’s. The people around me say I sound good and other musicians. I’m on the right path I just need more help to get their. If there’s anything you can do to help me i’ll appreciate it thanks.

    1. Post

      Hi David,

      I appreciate your comments and your questions. It sounds like you’re diligent in your approach to the saxophone(Wow! 2 hours a day- great job!), but I understand the desire to improve faster. Your concern is common (concerning how to practice), and I remember being in that position myself in high school. Whether I teach my lessons online, at the university, or in my own studio, I teach my students how to practice. Your progress greatly increases when you understand how to practice.

      Concerning music as a business, my background is in academia and that’s how the lessons are taught. I would love to hear your feedback concerning the lessons if you decide to proceed with them. The free lessons can be found by signing up at this link. http://www.learnsaxophoneonline.com/sign-up-page. Right now the lessons are aimed at beginners, but the “Getting Started” section in the free lessons is something I teach all my students, even my college students. It’s common to have at least one item that needs to be corrected. When we make the changes, their tone improves. I’m confident you will see progress too. Check out the free lessons and see what they can do for you.

      I have one other option that might be helpful to you. I provide a feature that allows me to hear you, and then I give you feedback on your playing. Just follow the link, and the instructions will tell you what to do. http://www.learnsaxophoneonline.com/free-feedback

      I hope this answers your questions. If there are anymore, please do not hesitate to ask. I hope to hear from you soon, and good luck with the playing!

  2. I thank you greatly for your response. Like I stated before I’m very eager to learn. I’m an 40 year’s old man. My family give me all thetime I need to ppractice. I know all my + & – scales. I’m able to hear a song find the key and start playing. I would like to learn how ti find what chord progression the song is in. Haven’t got that far yet. I’m a truck driver and when I’m at work I practice and when I get off I go straight to tge park and practice. I’m here now lol. Are your lessons affordable? If so I would like to learn from you. I hope I’m not a bother just eager to learn. I will practice a certain song and send to thanks and have a bless night.

    1. Post

      Hi David,

      I would like to take our conversation over to email. I just sent you a message. If you did not receive it, let me know.


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