1 Thing You Need to Know

We would like to introduce a new series of posts that we think you’re really going to like. When learning the saxophone, there are so many things to learn, but what's most important?

If you follow this series, it will be like having a personal guide, sifting through what’s important for a beginner and what is not.

This type of direction will save you time and help you learn the saxophone faster. And as the title suggests, we won't share too much information. We'll just share one thing that's really important know.

The Benefits

Some of these topics will help you produce a better tone, others will help you learn the instrument faster, and others will simply save you money. When everything is organized, and laid out before you, you’ll not only learn faster but you’ll have a lot more fun.

The Topics

In today's entertainment, there are so many cliffhangers to encourage you to keep watching or reading. We’re not going to do that to you here. In fact, we’re going to give you all the 1 Thing You Need to Know topics right now. Just remember to place the phrase “1 thing I need to know” before each topic:

  1. Reeds
  2. Mouthpieces
  3. Neck straps
  4. Saxophones
  5. Time
  6. Reading music
  7. Improvisation
  8. Listening
  9. Metronome work
  10. Transposing instruments
  11. Practice sessions
  12. Performance situations
  13. Tone
  14. Articulation
  15. Technique
  16. Playing fast
  17. Vibrato
  18. Staccato
  19. Breath support
  20. Dynamics
  21. Listening to your favorite musicians
  22. Long breaks between practice sessions
  23. Altissimo
  24. Scales and arpeggios
  25. Long tones
  26. Practice schedules
  27. Etudes
  28. Warm ups
  29. Music like a language

A Little Insight

The topic order is not set, so things could jump around a little. In addition, we may add to the list because the current list does not include everything that could be covered. Additionally, depending how we feel each week, a blog post could include 1, 2, or 3 topics.

The Goal

We understand that time is limited in your life, and sometimes in depth research is not possible for your hobbies. We'll do all the sifting for you and cut straight to the core so you'll know exactly what you need to know, for each topic.

An Example

If we talk about choosing the right reed, we’re not going to discuss where the reed cane was grown in the world and how that will benefit you. In addition, we're not going to talk about the various cuts of reeds and how that makes a difference in your playing. Instead, we’ll share exactly what reed you should have and the benefits of that reed. Pretty simple. That’s out goal!

Additional Topics

Go ahead and take a look at the list we provided. If you see anything missing, or you would like another topic covered, please let us know in the comment section below. We want to make sure we not only cover the essentials, but anything that interests you.

Topic Order

Please let us know what topics on the list interest you! We may move some topics around, depending on the popularity of requests made in the comment section. Let us know which topics interest you the most. We’ll be happy to accommodate.

Laser Focus

We’re excited because we are confident these posts will help you learn what is most important, fast. It will be a list that every beginner will be thrilled to have because it has a laser focus on what you need to know. We look forward to your comments and we'll post the first topic soon!

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