Mouthpiece Placement

How much mouthpiece (mp) should you take in while playing? This is a great question and the results will not only help you obtain the right sound, but notes will respond better, they’ll be easier to play, and your saxophone will be easier to play in tune. The Ideal Amount From the free lessons and other places on the internet, …

Reed Alignment

Have you ever asked any of the following questions: How can I get a better tone? Why does my reed seem fine some days, but it feels like a fight on other days? Why do I squeak so much? Why does my tone sound fuzzy? Why do I feel so much resistance?

Eliminate that Spitty Sound!

Have you ever gone to play the saxophone and there’s a “spitty” sound in your tone? This is a common issue for saxophonists. In this post we’ll share how to eliminate that bad sound with 3 methods. This will get your tone sounding crystal clear!

Swallowing a Golf Ball

What do you think of this title? Every time I picture this, and imagine what it would feel like, it feels quite uncomfortable. It’s funny how easy it is to imagine this scenario, even though it would be a difficult (and unhealthy task) to do.

Old Reed vs New Reed

In our last post, we covered the process of rotating reeds. This can improve your tone and increase the duration of effectiveness for each reed. This week, we’ll identify the characteristics of an old worn-out reed and a new reed. This will help you understand when to retire a reed, and when to move up in reed strength.